An Open Floor Inquiry into Intimacy with Self and Connection in Community w/Jenny Macke

As humans we are social and relational beings. We hunger for connection to others and simultaneously long to feel our individuality and uniqueness. If we perceive these dual (and sometimes dualing) needs are not met, feelings of dissatisfaction and loneliness can arise. 

It can be liberating to inhabit a space of pure curiosity to investigate the conditions that might call forth our authentic selves, as well as to experience community as a verb, a web of action and interaction. As we learn to be fluid, adaptable and empowered beings, we find our natural place and space in community. We see clearly how it is possible for everyone to belong with dignity, kindness and love.

In this workshop we will:

- bring awareness to patterns that foster both our individuality and sense of belonging.
- seek ways of moving and showing up that are generous to both ourselves and others.
- let go of habits that might create walls or barriers to connection.
- practice presence and cultivate the present moment as a great equalizer in community.
- learn to build tolerance for the unknown and find ground in groundlessness. 

Fri Sept 8th - Sun Sept 10th
(Fri 7-10pm, Sat 12-7pm, Sun 2-6pm)

Summit Presbyterian Church 6757 Greene St. Philadelphia, PA 19119.

$195 before August 20th, $235 thereafter.

To register contact or 215-498-1780.

Jenny Macke is the founder of Presence Studio in Bellingham, WA, and is dedicated towards serving community and creating space for others to find their freedom of expression.  She began teaching movement through Nia 14 years ago, spent over 9 years as a 5Rhythms® teacher, and now serves on the Curriculum Circle of the Open Floor ( school of movement. An artist, dreamer, & lover of forests, rivers, sea and mountains, she honors all people’s dances and the many worthy paths to investigate coming home to wholeness of the soul through the freeing & wild dance of the body.