Our feet carry us through our whole lives…. day in day out; we barely notice them until we stub our toe!  Have you ever considered what possibilities and insight might long to be revealed from our ten toes, 2 arches and 2 heels?  There is a wealth of goodness residing there.  So much to be gained from the bottom up!
Through the simplicity of focused attention, we’ll explore this untapped and innate world of sole support which has the capacity to carry us from dragging to delight.

When we tap into our roots we’ll discover full expanse of the sky!  Our soul is longing to be revealed in every moment, in every movement… with this awareness is another opportunity to soar. Let’s explore the possibilities available to us when we move our feet and let our soul fly.

When: Sunday, April 8th from 10am - 3pm

Where: Summit Presbyterian Church
             6757 Greene Street 
             Philadelphia, PA 19119
             (in the Common Room - 1st floor- use Green St Entrance)

Cost: $55 - if you register before March 30th, $70 after that.

To register email: openfloorphiladelphia@gmail.com or click here.