There is a world inside of me. There is another inside of you. When we come together there is a third. As humans, we are hard wired for relationship. Yet, intimacy is complex! What about boundaries and projections? Conflict and compromise? Where do I end and you begin? What is your approach? Are you tentative? Or fully accessible for the myriad ways we relate with another? 

In this one day movement workshop, we’ll explore the dynamic terrain of connection with one another. We’ll cultivate curiosity and try on a variety of perspectives so that we may increase our range of expression and freedom. How do we integrate our differences to make for a richer life? Join us as we dive into these questions, and more, in our exploration of Me, You, and We.

Co-taught by: Christina Fanizzi and Valerie Cherrin

Cost: $65, if you register by June 16th, $75 after.

Location: Summit Presbyterian Church, 6757 Greene Street (in the Common Room - 1st floor- use Green St Entrance) Philadelphia, PA 19119

To register: email - or call - 267.974.6217